We provide a wide range of services for marking and engraving weapons, our range includes firearms, knives, swords and more.

Deep Engraving of Serial Numbers

Deep engraving of your serial number can help prevent illegal modification of your firearm’s unique serial number. Our service can also help retrieve lost or stolen firearms. By deeply embedding the number within the gun it discourages an individual from trying to file off your weapon’s identification number.

Decorative Barrel Marking

Most of the critical information about a gun is usually embedded in the barrel; either directly (stamped on it) or indirectly (style, size, shape).

Upper Receiver Marking

A large factor that can increase the value of your firearm is the engraving. With a small investment in the appearance of your weapon, depending on the intricacy, you can value your gun at a higher price than without the engraving.

Deep Etching of Graphics on Lower Receivers

Getting a laser engraved lower receiver with a custom logo or graphic is an opportunity to express yourself. If you have an engraved receiver, people will definitely notice, and chances are, you will be one of the few, if only, to have it done.  It will give your gun flare, and in some cases operator status.

ar 15 marking services | Laserworx Gun Engraving

We use an industrial laser engraver to ensure precision and accuracy.

  • We can engrave small arms weapons such as pistols and rifles.
  • We can serialize all weapons in an armory. Engrave a logo onto a personal weapon or engrave every part of a weapon with a logo or text.
  • We also engrave collections for your convenience of easy inventory control, and design and engrave custom logos for your business or event.
  • Our high powered fiber laser will do extremely detailed engraving at any size. We can help you design a nice logo or image for an additional fee.
  • We can engrave on anything, including: uppers, lowers, barrels, dust covers, rails/handguards, bolt carrier groups, charging handles, pistol slides, revolvers, clips, magazines, swords, knives, & other weaponry.